Freak Out: Why You Need Freaks — and How to Find Them

Freaks brainstorm innovative products, do breakthrough research, and view problems differently than most people. How? They embrace the offbeat and the unexpected because that’s just who they are. In fact, everyone can tap into a freak mindset — and a lot of amazing outcomes can develop as a result.

Here are some ideas to awaken your inner freak:

• Don’t be afraid of being considered “weird.”
• Learn new things obsessively.
• Challenge your assumptions and beliefs constantly through travel and new experiences.
• Awaken your senses by looking critically at your own assumptions about the world.
• Identify the “norm,” and embrace the cacophony of life beyond and around it.

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How Do You Get Middle Management To Be Optimistic About Executing The Business Strategy?







How Do You Get Middle Management To Be Optimistic About Executing The Business Strategy?

Include them in its creation!

Surely, there’s no table big enough for everyone in the organization to have a seat at it, but you can:

1. Listen to middle managers ideas, concerns and questions

2. Communicate the strategy with them on an ongoing basis

Middle managers aren’t minions to do executives’ bidding. They serve a vital function of accomplishing the vision. Based on my experience with clients, middle-managers have the on-the-ground view that’s often missing from the C-Suite.

If they’re not optimistic – and you have the right people in place – , it could be for two reasons:

1. They don’t get it yet, or

2. Executive management doesn’t get that the organization isn’t ready to deliver

It’s not about them, it’s about you.


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