Why Political Conversations Are So Volatile

I admit that it would be unfair to fire the people working for us without giving them the tools for professional development, so here it goes. The main skill that would vastly improve political communication is cultural agility. Culturally agile leadership is the ability to create highly functioning relationships with anyone anywhere by quickly understanding and adeptly responding to differing cultural assumptions. The recipe is simple:

1. Be curious enough to understand the assumptions and contexts   that other people are working from, without imposing your own personal judgment.

2. Be self-aware about your own cultural biases.

3. Adapt your communication to be relevant to the people you want to communicate with.

This doesn’t mean everyone suddenly agrees on everything. It does, however, infuse communication with a healthy dose of rational humility. This is desperately needed to successfully run an organization that’s the size of the U.S. government.

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Coaching Political Leaders

Here are five things it helps to know to effectively coach political leaders:

  1. Time – they have crushing work schedules
  2. The Glass House – there are unique challenges to life in the public eye
  3. Payment and Ethics
  4. Power – they have the power to impact a lot of lives
  5. Coach and Citizen – coaching is about the person, not the politics

There are plenty more considerations when it comes to coaching political leaders, such as staff management, family, and the potential collaboration between coaches and consultants. However, the most important thing to know is that when you’re coaching, your clients are just people.

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