Removing Obstacles

There are 4 types of obstacles to success:

1. Self-made
There are many ways in which we compromise our own success, including through lack of vision, planning, determination, or discipline. One example I run into fairly often is with clients who come to me and are motivated and capable, but overwhelmed. These people are suffering from Capable Person Syndrome: They can do so many things well – often better than the people they could delegate to – and, as a result, these capable people get stuck in a rut of underperformance instead of focusing on only making their highest and best contribution and developing the capability of others to perform tasks well.

2. Other people
One huge obstacle is caused by an inability to get others to do what we want. This can be caused by ineffective delegation or the failure to develop effective champions.

3. Systemic
There are plenty of ways that the systems we function within, or even create, get in the way of what we actually want to achieve. One primary culprit is measuring the wrong things. For example, are you measuring activity when what counts are results?

4. Infrastructure
Are you still using Excel instead of smarter tools that have blossomed up? Infrastructure investments for automation need justification, so gather your ROI arguments and find the resources to make your life easier.

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