8 Steps to Strategic Contribution

Here are the 8 Steps to Strategic Contribution. Use this resource to keep yourself and your organization on track.

1. Ensure operations are running smoothly.
Your strategic contribution won’t overcome gaps in performance. Make sure that the fundamentals are in place and working. Then build on them.

2. Create capacity for strategic contribution.
You have to have time and “white space” to make a strategic contribution. If every minute of every day is already filled, there’s no room to add a strategic component. Often, the key lies in confidence.

3. Acquire skills and knowledge in self and team.
Develop strategic acumen and abilities for yourself and in your team. Taking our self-assessment quiz is a great place to start.

4. Build key alliances.
The relationships you have within the formal and informal structure of your organization can make or break your effectiveness. This includes alliances with key decision-makers, influential cheerleaders, and potential saboteurs.

5. Recognize and maximize opportunities.
Look for ways to increase your visibility and contribution. Don’t hide behind email – pick up the phone or deliver key documents in person. Also, maximize opportunities to make others look good – it’s a virtuous cycle.

6. Provide tremendous value.
Beware of the danger of providing only what you deem to be of value. Consider what is valuable in the eyes of your stakeholders, and provide that.

7. Get out of your own way.
Self-sabotage takes many forms: inability to delegate, lack of follow-through, defeating self-talk, etc. Develop an outstanding team and an outstanding support system for yourself.

Unless you put your strategic contribution into action, this will have been merely an intellectual exercise. Put it into action.

Now that you’ve taken the time to read these steps, what will you do next?