We accelerate the trajectory of high-growth global companies to create:

  • Growth that is both fast and profitable.
  • More freedom for company leaders because the people on their teams knows what they’re doing and work together smoothly.
  • Results that meet or exceed expectations by making sure that
    1. The strategy is aligned with the vision
    2. Every member of the team understands their role in implementing strategy
    3. Targeted action moves the strategy forward.
    4. Mid-course corrections are made on time and only if needed.

We customize our work for every client and every situation. Here are some of the key services we provide:

Cultural Profit™ Program

High-performance teamwork and market
relevance across borders and across cubicles

  • Cultural Agility Audit
  • Training in cultural agility skills
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Deepening learning through:
    • Teleconferences
    • Webinars
    • Podcasts
    • Newsletters
Developing Company Strategy

Cut through complexity to focus on what is critical and ignore what is trivial

  • Leading senior strategy retreats
  • Honing vision, strategy and objectives
  • Crafting functional objectives
Developing the Team

Harness the potential in your people to grow

  • Planning for succession and growth
  • Developing a deep bench strength
  • Coaching senior executives
Developing Marketing Strategy

Marketing for sales growth and profitability

  • Developing new markets
  • Understanding customer attitudes and opportunities
  • Leveraging green business opportunities and markets
Successful Mergers & Acquisitions

Speed up integration and get outstanding combined performance

  • Aligning organizational cultures
  • Developing a high-performance team
  • Assessing the impact on customers
    and market opportunities
  • Reviewing the impact on strategy and marketing
Guiding Strategy Implementation

Work the strategy into reality

  • Aligning company-wide action plans
  • Reviewing performance and accountability regularly
  • Adjusting to changes and fresh opportunities

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