Executive Coaching

In the executive fast lane the stakes are high – both for you and the people who depend on you. You need outstanding communication skills, self-awareness, emotional management and the ability to build relationships while still saying “no”. The catch is that we all have our own blind spots and most executives never get feedback they can completely trust.

We specialize in onboarding coaching for successful executive transitions.


Here are just a few of the ways our clients say they have benefited from our coaching:

  • Getting the most out of themselves and their teams
  • Creating the time and space to maximize their strategic contribution
  • Achieving deep insight into how to improve underlying factors for their achievement
  • Discovering and eliminating self-imposed limitations
  • Revealing new possibilities while quickly shutting down fruitless options
  • Profoundly increasing assertiveness in balancing their needs with others
  • Distinctive visibility as a leader ready for advancement
With a fast and furious life and a new job as House Majority Leader, there were plenty of issues – both bigger and day-to-day – I struggled with. After coaching, I feel less stressed out and more in control. It has made me generally more conscious of what I do with my time, what others demand from me and the quality of life I want.
Hannah Pingree,
House Majority Leader and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Maine

Here are some of the hot topics our clients work on:

  • Career advancement
  • Creating organizational change
  • Successfully moving to a new organization
  • Developing thought leadership for industry recognition
  • Developing a high-performing team
  • Leading with cultural agility
  • Succession planning
  • Crafting a mission/vision
  • Steering and stewarding an organizational culture
I was having trouble communicating with certain high-ranking individuals within the company. As a result of coaching I am much better at communicating. People have even complimented me on my improvement. I’ve also become more tolerant of other management styles and am more accepting of things I can’t control. I now feel more relaxed and comfortable in the workplace. I have more energy and am able to make better choices. I’d say it was a success.
Duane Phares,
Vice President, Anderson Drilling
Is coaching for you?

Our most successful clients come to us wanting to:

  • Succeed in career transition, such as a new role or turning over their company to management
  • Advance into a more senior role, such as vice president or CEO
  • Create and implement a vision for their future
Our unique approach

Our role as a coach is to:

  • Understand your environment while maintaining an outside perspective
  • Hold the focus on important issues that may get overshadowed by the burning concern of the day
  • Help you to think more completely about the issues at hand.
  • Illuminate your blind spots
  • Act as a trusted advisor providing substantive input based on observed best practices, innovative approaches and our own intellectual property.
  • Honor total confidentiality about the coaching relationship and its content.
We apply our keen understanding of complex business issues with incisive observations and a quick-witted approach. We’re an independent, professional influence – a trusted sounding board completely free from organizational politics.
How to begin

We offer coaching options of various intensity to meet the budgetary needs and desire for quick results of professionals seriously committed to their success.

We can coach you in a variety of ways:

  • Remotely via telephone and email
  • In person when it is mutually effective
  • Shadow coaching in your workplace

Time is too valuable to waste on indecision. Begin your next chapter today by contacting us for a complementary sample session.