What Clients Do Differently To Achieve Success

My best clients really do four things differently to achieve success.

First of all, they set a clear vision and strategy and they commit to it.

Secondly, they understand and act on developing their people in order to develop their capacity to grow as an organization and to become more profitable. They get the right people in the right jobs and develop them.

Third, they fine-tune their course corrections. They are made thoughtfully and carefully. They are not reactions and wild swings. I have walked into organizations that had 54 things on their list of the most important tasks that they were going to do. There were 17 task forces. This is a company with 55 people. The leadership was really into ideation and into addressing all of the issues and what I was able to do with that group was worked with the senior team to boil it down to four priorities. They had four priorities they were working on, everything else got either subsumed into the four priorities at a more minor level or they were able to just move them to the parking lot. As a result, the frustration level went down, the amount of working to work went down, the number of meetings went down considerably and the results skyrocketed.

Number four is they are optimistic and they are steady in their self-esteem and their confidence as individuals and as an organization. We don’t have a lot of “the sky is falling” thinking at least not for very long. Sometimes of course things are very, very tough and the sky does feel like it is falling but together we are able to identify that thinking, we are able to turn it around pretty quickly because all that does is eat into confidence of the organization and eat into effectiveness.

The key here is to accelerate profit by maximizing people’s ability to act together. Is your organization doing that?