The Job Market Will Recover: Are You Primed for Takeoff?

Analysts said government data on Friday showing the economy shed a mere 11,000 jobs last month, the fewest since the start of the recession, was the strongest indication yet that the battered job market was starting to turn around. (Reuters, December 7, 2009)

Everyday there are a lot of people on Twitter talking about how much they hate their jobs and that they’re only staying in them for the safety of having anything in this job market.  If the job market is beginning to recover, its high time to start asking yourself, “Am I going to just complain about my job or am I going to take advantage of the uptrend when the new waves of hiring occur?”

Many of us with jobs have been holding onto them for dear life over the last couple of years.  It was better to have something than to be looking for work in this job market.  Now that it looks like the tide is gradually ready to turn, there’s a growing opportunity to make a move to a better and more suitable career.

You don’t have to stay in a job you don’t like.  Especially now, with the economy poised to improve, you have more options.  The jobs are coming, and so is the opportunity to answer your true calling.  It’s up to you to take the opportunity to figure out what it is.

Changing careers takes developing new skills, relationships and experience and these don’t happen overnight.  It’s a big commitment that is worth it in order to do work that you love and gives you life everyday.

Here are some key questions you to ask yourself to prime you for a career upgrade:

  • Am I truly happy in my current position, and do I see a real future in it?
  • Do I work for an organization I believe in?
  • What work could I really put my heart into?
  • What work would enable me to better utilize my core skills and strengths?
  • What are my innate characteristics, beyond my acquired professional skills, that I can leverage moving forward?
  • How can I tie my core traits to my genuine passions to create a professional situation that I would be happier in?

By doing the work to identify the professional situation that would make you happier your eyes will open to many new opportunities. The surprising news is that some of these may be with your current employer.  You may find that there could be a better fit or a new path for you where you are that would make you more satisfied in an organization you already believe in.

Your analysis may have you believing that it’s time to change employers or careers to be satisfied.  If that’s the case then now is the time to begin the process of identifying your ideal job and ideal employers, and begin building a bridge to them so that when the job market recovers you are primed for takeoff.

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