The Best Of The Best Do These Three Things. Do You?

Ever wonder what it takes to truly become the best of the best? For 100 years? If you’re going to be the best, commit to it–not once a year during strategy formulation or an annual event, but everyday in your culture, hiring and financial decisions.

IBM is a global leader that has soared to great heights and grappled with doomed prospects. As the company celebrated the rare feat of 100 years in business, it may be the strongest it has ever been. The following are three things that every company can learn from IBM to contribute to their own success.

  1. Create a Freak Show – In this case freaks are those rare individuals whose unique insights and approaches create an extraordinary impact and singular working environment.
  2. Cultivate Frustration – Frustration is passion combined with impatience. For a company to grow and evolve at a healthy pace, both elements are paramount.
  3. Commit and recommit and recommit

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