Starting a Business While Still in College

The best way for a student to start a business during college is with a network marketing organization.

Before you roll your eyes (or maybe after) consider this:

1. Network marketing is a $167 BN industry. That makes is a larger industry than video games at $67 BN, organic products at $80 BN, and the NFL at $9.5 BN. It also grew as an industry by $50 BN or nearly 50% in the years from 2009 to 2012. All statistics are from 2012.

2. The best network marketing companies are reputable and have a low cost of entry – especially for students. The one I’m involved with (disclaimer World Ventures) also has no inventory to carry or manage, which suits the living arrangements and lifestyle of students. Additionally, the best companies offer plenty of training, mentoring, and leadership development.

3. Students learn the techniques of professional sales, which any entrepreneur – student or otherwise – must master.

Finally a story, about an MBA graduate from Cal Poly who was interviewing for jobs after graduation. All the employers mainly wanted to talk about his business, yes the network marketing one that he built. He was made five job offers and accepted the one that was made by Tesla.

Entrepreneurialism is a must-have trait for all professionals. The best way to learn it is not in class, but to earn it on the playing field of business.



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