Prime Yourself For A Career Upgrade

Here are some key questions you to ask yourself to prime you for a career upgrade:

  • Am I truly happy in my current position, and do I see a real future in it?
  • Do I work for an organization I believe in?
  • What work could I really put my heart into?
  • What work would enable me to better utilize my core skills and strengths?
  • What are my innate characteristics, beyond my acquired professional skills, that I can leverage moving forward?
  • How can I tie my core traits to my genuine passions to create a professional situation that I would be happier in?

By doing the work to identify the professional situation that would make you happier your eyes will open to many new opportunities. The surprising news is that some of these may be with your current employer.  You may find that there could be a better fit or a new path for you where you are that would make you more satisfied in an organization you already believe in.

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