Popular Myths About Delegating

Myth:  It’s just faster to do a task myself.

Truth:  This is short-term thinking.  Saying this myth to yourself for any longer than two weeks turns an emergency situation into the status quo that permanently limits growth.  (To be clear, I’m not talking about two weeks as a time. I’m talking two weeks period).

Myth: My employees understand what I want without me really having to tell them.

Truth:  Even a team of unusually gifted psychics wouldn’t get things right 100% of the time.   In a situation like this, the leader usually isn’t clear on the desired outcome from the beginning.  This is setting the team up for failure and can lead to high employee turnover rates.

Myth: My way of doing things is the most productive / best method.

Truth: All employees bring their unique abilities and approach to process that creates the result they’re tasked with.   Good managerial coaching may improve these processes as long as the process belongs to the person tasked with creating the outcome. Successful delegation is about results – *what* is to be accomplished instead of *how* to make it happen.

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