Hiring Your Own Personal Assistant from Michelle Randall’s Prospective

Michelle Randall is a solo consultant with two school-aged children and has had personal assistants work for her for years. Their duties range from decorating the house and laundry on the personal side to assisting with business mailings and research on the business side.
The pros are that she is able to do exactly what she coaches her senior executive clients to do – that is to always function at their highest and best use. This pertains to business as much as spending quality time with family because she delegates lower level tasks of a personal and business nature to someone she trusts. The cons are that the tasks are done with varying levels of quality and care, whereas if she did them herself she would put her heart into it more – but the things get done, which is worth it!
If you ask the difference in “VIPs” vs. “common people” when it comes time to assistants, she affords a personal assistant in order to spend her most precious resource, time, the way she chooses. She believes that makes her a “VIP” in her life.
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