Generating Thought Leadership To Grow Your Career and Company

Being a thought leader makes you a person of interest, whether within your department at your company, within your industry, or on a global level.  How big you think is up to you.  The key is to develop your reputation as the obvious go-to person when people are seeking expertise in your area of leadership.  Doing so will increase your visibility within your organization and potentially within your industry, and as a result, job offers and your job security will both increase. As you develop into a standout expert, ideal clients will flock to your company, having heard others refer to you as a leader in the industry.

To start, consider whether you are already a thought leader. Do you have unique approaches, insight and expertise, preferably gained through experience? Avoid striving for encyclopedic knowledge of your area. Instead, uncover a deep level of expertise that you already have, delve into your insight on improving processes that you are familiar with, or consider something that you already do very well.

To more simply identify your own area of leadership, ask yourself the following questions.  What do your colleagues regularly come to you for?  What do your competitors fear?  Why do your customers buy from you?  What do your fans treasure about you?

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