Creating The Perfect Culturally Agile Organization

Evolving an organization to become culturally agile is a three-part process.


Every person and every organization has a degree of cultural agility. The first step is to understand the current degree of organizational and leadership agility through:

  • Conducting a Cultural Agility Audit of both organizations
  • Assessing preparedness with company leadership
  • Conducting focus groups with current and prospective customers


Based on the Cultural Agility Audit, areas for development can be identified. Development can include:

  • Understanding the impact of culture on working habits, communication and choice of words
  • Training culturally agile skills including self awareness, curiosity, and effective communication
  • Examining the implications on strategy, marketing, organizational development, operations and safety

Reinforce and Grow

Support culturally agile behavior through:

  • Coaching for agility
  • Ongoing training through podcasts, company newsletter, webinars, etc…
  • Assimilating the skills into the DNA of the organization

Leadership’s focus on creating a culturally agile organization must begin early in the acquisition process to achieve maximum impact. The results for the organization are lasting and speed the success of the acquisition and the growth of the organization as a whole.

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