Core Leadership Competencies for Financial Professionals

Something you may not know about me is that in addition to my consulting work I am also a co-owner of a landscape contracting company, and as such rely on financial professionals in the running of that company.

I recently received a request from a journalist to share my thoughts in the core competencies today for CPA’s and other financial professionals. Here are my observations:

A great financial services leader communicates completely, candidly, and directly.

Too often, I’ve seen financial professionals believing that they’ve stated a set of concerns very clearly, but the client doesn’t really grasp the severity of the situation. The same can happen with their own employees.

Get confirmation that your message has been received and understood instead of just delivering it. A weak leader avoids conflict by throwing out information without verifying understanding.

A weak financial services leader will take and cling to toxic business, such as the client who borders on abusiveness with staff, etc…

The leader who is run by fear of losing any business, including bad business, is weak – and running their business into the ground. A great leader will regularly cull their client list until their book is filled with clients who treat them and their staff with respect, pay on time, and generate work that fulfills the organization.

Which do you sound like?


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