Rocks, Paper, CEO: Finding The Best Leader For Your Startup

When the three female founders of Y-Combinator alum career site The Daily Muse incorporated back in 2011, the McKinsey alums knew that formal roles would be critical to the success of the company. “Which founder should be CEO is the first of many important decisions you’ll make as co-founders,” says COO Alex Cavoulacos.  “If you can’t align on that as a team, consider it a red flag; you’re going to have trouble down the line.”

The red flags of staffing were familiar territory. “We’d seen first-hand the consequences of having an unclear leadership structure,” Cavoulacos says. After a previous venture ended in disaster, the women of The Daily Muse were experienced with what could happen when cofounders disagree on roles and responsibilities. This time around they were determined to avoid a similar fate.

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