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Silicon Valley, CA (1888PressRelease) September 11, 2013

Michelle Randall has been named to M.O.’s Top 10 Consultants list, alongside luminaries like George Cogan, the head of Bain’s global technology practice. Randall, who recently spoke to the European Parliament discussing how professional coaches can support progress in the political arena, and whose article, “Small business advice: How undervaluing your time can undermine your company” was published in The Washington Post in July, adds this honor to her growing status as a world-class management consultant.

Investor’s Business Daily has also had high praise for Randall’s work with clients, saying, “Michelle Randall is teaching Fortune 500 executives how to boost their businesses on an international scale.” The Best Practice Institute similarly lauded Randall as an expert consultant earlier this year.

Through her singular ability to recognize individual potential and bring it to fruition, Randall has come to work with executives and their teams at global Fortune 500s, high-potential companies, and non-profits, as well as members of the U.S. House of Representatives. “It’s thrilling to receive these high honors as we celebrate 10 years as a company serving compelling leadership and outstanding business results,” Randall says.

Randall’s reach extends beyond her clients, as she is a sought-after speaker, a leadership columnist for Fast Company and Construction Today, and a regular contributor to publications including Business Insider,, and Upstart Business Journal. She is also the author of several books, most recently Extreme Effectiveness: Create the time for a life worth living.

About M.O.
M.O. was founded by entrepreneurs with stellar track records in the technology space. It focuses on the modus operandi of entrepreneurs to capture and share their best practices so that other entrepreneurs can leverage them for success. To create the Top 10 Consultants list, M.O. searched for the leading consultants across all industries, finding “the consultants who have actively utilized their expertise, leadership, and talent to build companies that achieve success by helping their clients reach – and exceed – their goals.”


Silicon Valley, CA (openPR) January 24, 2013

Strategic acumen was once the domain of company officers, but pressure toward greater innovation and productivity are turning company hierarchies on their heads. Leadership development is being pushed through all levels of organizations, along with the need for greater strategic acumen in all employees. The surprising key in accomplishing this is to grow employee subversiveness.

“Managers need managing from their employees today more than ever,” says Michelle Randall, leadership expert and president of Enriching Leadership International, a global management consultancy. “A smart team with strategic acumen is more nimble and increases the speed of improvement in organizations, such as Google, that embrace this kind of input.” Randall also notes that there is a direct correlation between increased strategic abilities and career development. (See graphic.)

Best Practice Institute has tapped Randall to become an expert consultant for the renowned organization. Randall will be teaching her first webinar for the institute on January 15, 2013. In the webinar, titled “Sharpen Your Strategic Acumen to Unleash Your Career,” Randall will address:
• The characteristics of strategic contribution
• Getting a seat at the table when strategic direction is being formulated
• Shedding the obstacles to making an individual strategic contribution
• Creating a subversive organization for optimal results

Randall recently delivered a half-day workshop on this topic to the Association of Briefing Program Managers. President Roxanne McCreery remarked, “The course content was not only instructive and thought-provoking, but extremely valuable in terms of shaping her students’ abilities as strategists in their careers.” One participant said it more simply: “Michelle is awesome!”

An expert contributor to Fast Company magazine, Randall is a management consultant and executive coach whose areas of expertise encompass global leadership development, onboarding, career development, and creating high-performance teams. Her most recent book, Cultural Profit: Vastly Accelerating Bottom Line Results for High Growth Global Companies, focuses on how companies can increase their profitability by growing the cultural agility of every employee in the organization.

Professionals who are interested in participating in Randall’s webinar can register with Best Practice Institute at

To contact Michelle Randall directly, visit her company website:


San Jose, CA (prWeb) August 17, 2011

Michelle Randall, president of the global management consultancy firm Enriching Leadership International, recently addressed the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China.

Speaking to a group that included senior officers at leading companies and organizations headquartered in Beijing, her topic was How to Integrate Strategy and People for High-Stakes Growth.

Ms. Randall discussed the importance of developing a results-driven strategy centered on clearly defined goals instead of believing what she sees as the mistaken yet pervasive notion that strategy drives results. She emphasized the importance of incorporating execution and accountability into every aspect of strategy development to make implementation more effective.

Ms. Randall also spoke about how companies can profit from seeking outside help for strategy development. “Having an outsider lead the process avoids the dangers of the CEO stifling the diversity of approaches, whether it’s done intentionally or not,” she said. Other benefits discussed included an outsider’s ability to broach taboo topics normally ignored by an organization and the best practices and intellectual property they can bring to the table.

She warned that companies should not shy away from strategy development for cost reasons, stating that the biggest investment any company will make is with time. “With a results-driven strategy process, business leaders can expect a ten times return on their investment,” she said.

Ms. Randall stressed the importance of building a well-balanced team and promoting employees with both skills and spirit to management positions, noting that, “The potential of any company expands directly with the development of its people.”

One staffer who attended said, “The presentation was lively and interactive, with attendees asking questions and engaging in a dialogue with Ms. Randall about their own experiences and challenges they have come up against in their work environment.”

Questions from attendees included how to best keep a company’s vision top of mind and how to push staff to help drive the company forward instead of just going through the motions.

Enriching Leadership International works to accelerate the growth of global organizations. The firm’s clients include top leaders and their teams at Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Quest and NetApp, members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and notable mid-tier businesses.


Morgan Hill, CA (PRWEB) June 15, 2011

Enriching Leadership International, a management consultancy accelerating the results of high-growth, global companies, is launching an innovative new web site to reflect company evolution and address growing market needs. Enriching Leadership began by exclusively providing executive coaching nearly a decade ago. Clients’ increasing requests for more extensive engagement from Michelle Randall, Enriching Leadership International’s President, demanded the company make a strategic shift toward global consulting and Randall’s area of thought leadership, Cultural Profit. Randall’s clients include top leaders at Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Quest and NetApp; members of the US House of Representatives’ and notable mid-tier business owners. The new website reflects the firm’s wider range of services and practical and powerful content to help clients.

“Enriching Leadership creates breakthrough client results by integrating strategy and people,” says Randall. She notes that, “As we increased the cultural agility leaders and teams they were able to achieve increased efficiencies and market growth.” The resulting effect of combined cost reductions and increased sales are what Randall coined Cultural Profit. On her Fast Company Expert Blog, Randall explores this topic, offers real world case studies, and offers business leaders ways to progress in this area.

“Michelle Randall is an exemplar of thought leadership in her area of Cultural Profit,” says noted consultant, Alan Weiss, “She provides unique insights, intellectual capital and growth techniques that aren’t to be found elsewhere or in so coherent a fashion.”

The new website is replete with resources for business leaders and anyone interested in learning more about Cultural Profit. “Our goal with the new site is to provide tremendous value to visitors through case studies, assessments, and world class videos that illustrate our strategy plus people approach. I believe visitors will be thrilled with the results.” The site also includes a feed from Randall’s Fast Company Expert Blog and blog posts that are unique to the site. Randall, who worked in Germany, even recorded German-language video.

Chad Barr, Internet expert and author of the upcoming book, Web Dreams, consulted on the site. Cambodia-based House32 designed and produced the site. Noted videographer, Steven Hacker recorded the videos. Clients are already using the site to further their teams’ cultural agility skills through webinar, worksheets and videos posted there. “I think the results are so good because we were able to assemble a true dream team,” concludes Randall.

Enriching Leadership International’s new web site can be visited at:

Michelle randall graduates from prestigious consulting college

Silicon Valley, CA (prWeb) June 07, 2011

International management consultant and thought leader in cultural agility, Michelle Randall, has just graduated from the Million Dollar Consulting College.

The college, located in Newport, Rhode Island, advances the expertise and best practices of the world’s finest independent consultants. Sessions are personally led by Alan Weiss, who the New York Post describes as “one of the most highly respected independent consultants in the country.”

Weiss, who has consulted for Mercedes Benz, Merck, IBM and hundreds of other top-tier firms during his extensive career, had this to say about Randall: “Michelle’s energy and passion about cultural agility enable her to rapidly and dramatically help organizations deal with increasingly complex constituencies on a global basis.” Weiss further praised her by saying, “She’s as good at that mission as anyone I’ve ever known.”

Randall is the president of Enriching Leadership International ( The firm accelerates the trajectory of high-growth, global organizations by helping them integrate strategy and people to achieve rapid results. Clients are predominantly business divisions within Fortune 500 companies and growth-oriented, mid-tier companies.

In addition to her work with corporate clients, Randall personally mentors independent consultants in order to promote excellence in the profession. She is also an expert contributor to Fast Company. Her blog on the magazine’s website can be read at


Silicon Valley, CA ( November 9, 2010

Michelle Randall, president of Enriching Leadership International, a Silicon Valley-based management consulting group, has just graduated from the prestigious Thought Leadership Course run by noted management consultant Alan Weiss.

Weiss noted that Michelle Randall is a top talent in the competitive world of management consulting.

“Michelle Randall is an exemplar of thought leadership in her field of accelerating the trajectory of high-growth, global companies,” he said. “She provides unique insights, intellectual capital, and growth techniques that aren’t to be found elsewhere—or in so coherent a fashion.”

Randall has been working successfully with CEOs and top management executives for over a decade. Her clients have included members of the U.S. House of Representatives and top executives of Fortune 500 companies.

“Michelle has a honed sixth sense for business,” said Chad White, CEO of JKM Manufacturing. “She can walk into a situation and quickly make game-changing insights and recommendations.”

The six-month program attracts top notch corporate consultants because building their thought leadership platform allows them to extend the enormous value they provide to executives to a wider audience.

“The course really helped me to focus in one the areas where I can make maximum contribution for high-performing CEOs and their teams,” said Randall. “Everything I’ve learned will allow me to help even more leaders gain greater momentum and profitability.”

Enriching Leadership International is a management consulting firm that specializes in unleashing breakthrough results in high-performing leaders. Randall works with executives, teams, and companies, and designs custom executive training programs to impart the leadership skills necessary to drive corporate growth and change.

“We’ve always been driven at Enriching Leadership,” said Randall. “And Alan Weiss’ Thought Leadership Course has given me the deep resources and laser focus I need to provide exponential value for our corporate clients and the business community at large.”

Michelle Randall’s Enriching Leadership International website can be seen at She also authors a blog on corporate leadership, available through the site.


Morgan Hill, CA (openPR) June 2, 2010

The Juncture Company, a recognized global provider of executive coaching, leadership development and business consulting, today announced that it has changed its name to Enriching Leadership International. The company is changing its name from The Juncture Company to Enriching Leadership International to better reflect its worldwide growth and successful track record of providing breakthrough results for high-performing leaders and their teams.
“Today’s unveiling of Enriching Leadership International marks a significant milestone for our company. The Juncture Company name no longer adequately represented the growth of our executive development offerings, expertise and position as a leading catalyst of advancement of high-performing leaders and their teams with forward-thinking leadership training and results,” explained Michelle Randall, principal of Enriching Leadership International. “The Enriching Leadership International name embodies our ability and our commitment to further the leadership abilities and outrageous success of high-performing small businesses, Fortune 500 leaders and elected officials around the globe.”

Enriching Leadership International customers’ success is accomplished by leveraging Randall’s results-driven strategies, approach and extensive experience. Enriching Leadership International offers clients a customized combination of executive coaching, leadership development and business consulting to achieve their objectives.

“My work with Enriching Leadership International was not only about my transition as a leader, it was, more importantly, about discovering how to make a quantum leap for my business,” said Chad White, CEO of JKM Manufacturing, an Alabama-based defense manufacturer. “When I became CEO, I was charged with a turnaround with very difficult circumstances and limited resources. Every step and action had to align with the overall strategy and vision. Enriching Leadership International helped me clarify and turn the vision into action the bold changes that were necessary. The biggest impact is the clarity my management team and I have with the execution of our goals. It’s three years later and we’re on stable ground and a path for exponential growth.”

About Michelle Randall

Michelle Randall is an executive coach and business consultant who specializes high-performing small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and political leaders achieve breakthrough results for business and career growth. Prior to entering leadership consulting, Randall was an executive in the high tech and construction fields. Randall graduated with academic and leadership honors from The University of California at San Diego. She graduated with honors and received her Masters in Business Administration from the Fisher School at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, which is now a part of Middlebury College. Randall received her Professional Co-Active Coaching Certification from the Coaches Training Institute in 2003 and her Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation in 2004. Randall has been an advisor to the Hass School of Business, Global Social Venture Competition since 2007.

Enriching Leadership International engages with high-performing leaders and their teams worldwide to achieve breakthrough results. Company services include: executive coaching, leadership development, business consulting, and career coaching. To learn more about Enriching Leadership International, visit their website at