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Ni hao!

I'm writing you this month while sitting in my Beijing hotel room. The chambermaid was just at the door talking at me in a stream of Chinese, which I couldn't possibly understand. We smiled and nodded at each other without the slightest comprehension of what the other is thinking.

While this can be amusing, if it happens when business results are needed it can lead to disaster. Sadly, even when language isn't a barrier cultural obstacles cost companies millions in ineffective communication, poor market strategy, and bad hires.

That's why I wrote my new book, Cultural Profit, and the response has been amazing. Last month I offered a free book to members of this community and I've now sent 99 copies!

If you've ever asked yourself any these questions, contact me and I'll happily send you the hundredth copy:

  • Can I trust my vendor in China?
  • Is if worth the added costs of doing business with the Japanese?
  • Can we ever get our programmers in the US and India on the same page?
  • Do I even belong in this anymore since being acquired by foreign owners?

In this newsletter, you'll find plenty of resources in the articles, blog posts and podcasts on these topics. To receive a copy of the book, just respond to this email.

Being a global businessperson is a challenging, fulfilling and fundamental part of my life. With Cultural Profit, my hope is to make it easier for everyone in the global business arena to understand and be understood.

Next stop Paris!

All my best

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The New C-Suite Requirement: Cultural Agility

This article from Michelle was first published by Fast Company

If you've got your eyes set on the C-suite, you should ask yourself the following question: What are you doing to make sure you go from being a good leader to a truly advanced leader and an agile executive?

Becoming an advanced leader requires figuring out how to ask the right questions, keeping in mind your own biases as you interact with people in various cultural contexts. Your teams and your customers are distributed around the globe, so in order to get the results you're looking for, you have to be able to motivate, encourage followership, and serve people from all different cultures.

I was recently speaking with Marshall Goldsmith, one of world's top leadership experts, about the nature of cultural ceilings. Is there a cultural ceiling that executives hit that limits their career? We concluded that there is a cultural ceiling, but not necessarily in terms of a national culture. Rather, it's the ability to function in every culture worldwide, regardless of the corporation or individual's home country, that determines one's ability to have a successful career as a business executive.

When executives develop cultural agility — the capacity to recognize, understand, and respond appropriately to various cultures, and to work within those cultures to achieve business results — they massively expand their ability to advance their career. They can get results from teams around the world, and from multicultural teams within their local organizations.

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