February 2012 | ISSN: 1556-1445

We're already a month into 2012 with the fierce urgency of the New Year fading into memory. You may be hitting your stride or you could also use a dose of enthusiasm about now.

This month's article is a boost of adrenaline for increasing your success by lightening your load and getting leaner. Think of it as fitness for your mindset.


Getting Lean Enough to Succeed

There are things that we carry around in our organizations and in our mentality that make things more cumbersome than they need to be. Treat your leadership like you would treat a manufacturing floor and get leaner now. Here are the two fastest ways to achieve this.

Make Your Next Event Remarkable

Do you want lasting results from your next event instead of just hiring a feel-good speaker?

Iím a highly interactive and inspiring speaker for teams and associations. Topics include: Leadership, Global Management and Strategy.

Letís explore how we can make your next event a game changer.

About Michelle

Management consultant, speaker and author, Michelle Randall is the leading expert in culturally agile leadership. Michelle's clients include executives and their teams at Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations and members of the US House of Representatives and legislative leaders throughout the United States.

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