I'm writing this message while sitting on a fast train whipping through Korea's snowy countryside. It makes me reflect on a truly amazing year including delivering a talk on executive coaching at the European Parliament in Brussels, my husband's record breaking movie, and my work helping clients to harness their strengths for growth.

All too often, I see people diving into the new year without taking the time to savor what has been. In our excitement for the next chapter, appreciation for our most recent trip around the sun gets lost.

I urge you to take a moment to toast 2013: the wins and the losses; successes and incompletes.

What a long strange trip it's been...

Wishing you warmest celebrations filled with delight!


Michelle recently quoted in Canada's national newspaper,
The Globe and Mail:

How A Startup Survived Its Near-Death Experience

In February 2011, Tishan Mills and Ravin Shah decided to leave their corporate jobs for Mr. Shah's parents' basement, where the former University of Waterloo computer science classmates started their tablet-based survey company, TabbleDabble.

They gave themselves six months to earn a profit on their self-funded venture before they would consider rushing back to the safety of the corporate environment, so they knew they were running out of time after 12 long months without a pay cheque.

"We asked ourselves the same question every month, which is ‘how much longer can we go? Is this business going to make money?" Mr. Shah says. "Every month we would push ourselves just a little longer, burn through as little cash as possible, just to keep going."

Things slowly started to turn around for the company when the partners signed their first major client, GoodLife Fitness, which recently signed on for a second year using TabbleDabble's flagship application, QuickTapSurvey.

QuickTapSurvey is now the highest-rated survey app for the iPad and Android tablets, with corporate clients such as McDonalds, Disney, BMW, J.P. Morgan, Procter & Gamble and Canadian Tire using it to collect data from customers. The 10-person operation has long since moved out of Mr. Shah's parents' basement and it is on track to reach $1-million in revenue this year.

"A year ago we were in survival mode," Mr. Shah says. "Today we're in growth mode."

Mr. Mills and Mr. Shah say they owe their success to perseverance, a willingness to make compromises, and being flexible.

Michelle Randall, president of Enriching Leadership International, a California-based management-consulting firm, says staging a comeback requires strong decision-making.

"I've seen small-business owners, and other business owners, when it looks like (the business is) going to crash, they start making very poor decisions. They start making emotional decisions, and they act out of desperation and fear."

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