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I've got some exciting news to share! Best Practice Institute has tapped me as an expert consultant. I will be teaching my first webinar for the institute on January 15, 2013. In the webinar, titled "Sharpen Your Strategic Acumen to Unleash Your Career," I'll be addressing:

  • The characteristics of strategic contribution
  • Getting a seat at the table when strategic direction is being formulated
  • Shedding the obstacles to making an individual strategic contribution
  • Creating a subversive organization for optimal results

In October, I delivered a half-day workshop on this topic to the Association of Briefing Program Managers. President Roxanne McCreery remarked, "The course content was not only instructive and thought-provoking, but extremely valuable in terms of shaping her students' abilities as strategists in their careers." One participant said, more simply, "Michelle is awesome!" which gave me a huge smile.

If you personally want to participate, or you want to send your staff, just follow this link:

As we end this year, I really want to thank you for your participation in our community. There has been so much development and learning among my clients, and it's incredibly gratifying to be instrumental in the results.

I hope you have a great start to 2013, and that it will be remarkable in all the very best ways!


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What's the most distinguishable difference between business owners and professionals (employees)? Why do some people have their own businesses and some do not?

While things like the need for self-direction and the ability to play well with others (among other things) certainly factor into this at times, the No. 1 determinant of whether a high performer will become an executive or business owner is his or her appetite for risk. Business owners are far more risk-loving than employees who seek risk within the environment of a larger organization that provides a steady paycheck, which they perceive as more secure. The irony is that a business owner like myself has a diverse group of clients. When one leaves, I'm not devastated. Employees, on the other hand, have a single customer. When an employee loses a customer, there's an enormous impact.

Investor's Business Daily Says...

"Michelle Randall is teaching Fortune 500 executives how to boost their businesses on an international scale."

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Management consultant, speaker and author, Michelle Randall is the leading expert in culturally agile leadership. Michelle's clients include executives and their teams at Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations and members of the US House of Representatives and legislative leaders throughout the United States.

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