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Why do you invest in yourself?

To become qualified for better and bigger opportunities, and to be more successful in those roles — right?

I'm reflecting on this because today I was interviewed for a feature in my graduate school's quarterly alumni publication. One of the questions they asked me was, "What helped you the most throughout your career coaching senior leaders, and being a decision-maker yourself?"

My answer was that in the school's multinational MBA program, I learned how to get results from international teams — a skill I've continued to study, refine, and systematize, culminating in my recent book, Cultural Profit.

I see so many leaders hopping onto airplanes and learning how to conduct business across cultural borders as "on the job" training. Sadly, the results are usually sub-optimal, as with any learning process. It's costly for both the business and the individual leader. The ROI would be much higher if only proper investment of time and/or money were being made in the necessary training for global leadership mastery.

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Increasing People's Ability To Act Together

Michelle talks about the three elements that should be present to promote a conducive work environment. They include leadership, strategy and skills. Skills include being aware of what one likes and dislikes, being attuned to what is going on around you, and adapting to what others need as well.

Galvanizing Management, Team, Partners and Customers

Michelle shares her idea of "calculated charisma" — being attuned enough to those around you to light the fire to inspire and excite them. Employees that are treated well and feel that they are working to create something meaningful love to be a part of a team and work hard.

Avoid The Success Trap

Michelle explains what the success trap is — and how to make sure you don't get caught in it.

How To Develop A Global Team

This article originally appeared at Fast Company, where Michelle is an expert contributor in Leadership.

Is your company reaping the benefits of cultural profit? Does it have the ability, in other words, to enter new markets, develop new supply-chain models, and efficiently and effectively integrate as a global organization so that information can cross boundaries successfully?

In today's global economy, every organization should be striving to achieve these, and other, aspects of cultural profit. But what steps do you need to take to make that happen?

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Management consultant, speaker and author, Michelle Randall is the leading expert in culturally agile leadership. Michelle's clients include executives and their teams at Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations and members of the US House of Representatives and legislative leaders throughout the United States.

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