Be honest with me and, more importantly, yourself.

These were my directions to the leadership class seated in front of me. It wasn't an assembly of seasoned leaders like those I ordinarily teach; instead it was a bunch of 1012 year olds looking back at me.

To keep myself challenged, I volunteered to develop a leadership program for my children's grammar school. We had our first meeting last week where delved into what they understood about leadership in a conversation that ranged from George Washington to Lord Voldemort, the Harry Potter nemesis. It culminated with a special visit from the principal, who answered the kids' many questions that included how to lead people you don't like, and if she enjoyed being a leader.

At the end of the session I asked the kids to write down if they wanted to be a leader and why. The answers were pleasantly surprising. The class was split. Half were hung ho about contributing to others ("Being a leader is a really cool job because it makes you think about things more"), and the other half didn't want to work that hard ("I don't exactly like making all of the big disigons (sic)"). That tells me the kids really wrapped their minds around what leadership entails.

So often we take off as leaders with a desire to be at the tip of the spear. We revel in the idea of great responsibility coming at us, but how often to we stop and ask, "Am I enjoying my self?"


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Freak Out: Why You Need Freaks And How To Find Them

Your company is defined by a group of individuals so rare and so unique that they're really "freaks." The freaks are the ones who bring about innovative, disruptive change that upends an industry. If you want your company to be a leader in creating breakthrough solutions and products, then you need something more eccentric, passionate, and opinionated than the norm.

"Freak" is hardly a negative term. In this instance, we are referring to the wildly passionate, creative people who look at problems differently. These people value the phenomenal product breakthrough over today's stock blip-and-create solutions that cater to board members above users. They break rules because they don't believe in limitations.

If your company prizes innovation, the type of business and culture you want to create is a home for freaks. To do this, consider how you can recruit and attract the people less concerned with making to-do lists and more interested in creating true value.


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