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It's officially Spring and in Northern California that means that we go from a cold and rain on one day to sun and searing temperatures the next. It might not be optimal, but we wouldn't mind it if the economy would recover with the same force and determination.

Alas, this isn't the case with the current recovery. Check out this month's article to look at ways to thrive in this lukewarm recovery – and even use it as an opportunity to outperform your competition.


What's New?

Michelle will be speaking in Silicon Valley on May 10 at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce.

If you're in the region, be sure to attend.


Silicon Valley has been called the world's most competitive market. This, combined with rapidly falling unemployment rates puts ever-greater pressure on your ability to lead a team in this unique place.

Come to this mixer to learn the things you must know to lead successfully in Silicon Valley as well as how to transform your organization to grow significantly in the economic recovery.

Complimentary appetizers and wine will be served at this event.

For more information and to register, click here.

6 Steps To Outperforming Your Competition in A Lukewarm Recovery

When reading this title, I imagine the first question that comes to mind is, "Is this really the recovery?"

Economists may say it is, but business leaders can only answer with a resounding, "Kinda."

Even in a "kinda" recovery, or especially in one, it's critical to outmaneuver your competitors.

The situation is very dynamic:

  • Customers are looking for any advantage in the shifting marketplace, making them more open to doing business with new organizations;
  • Even with an oversupply of workers looking for jobs, the competition for great talent is white-hot;
  • The spigot for credit remains tight, dampening the ability to take advantage of opportunities for growth.

With so much in flux, here are six keys to outperforming your competition in this market.

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Enriching Leadership Podcast Series on Cultural Profit

We're launching a podcast series! I've been recording a podcast series since late last year, and I'm thrilled to share is with you!

Here are a just a few of the topics that offer insights based on best practices that have been most successful for my clients through the years.

Changing From Managing Tasks to Managing Results

Michelle speaks on why it is critical to change the mindset from managing tasks to managing results.

What Our Clients Do Differently To Achieve Success

Michelle shares four things that set the success of her clients apart from others.

Are Some More Culturally Agile Than Others?

Michelle explains how some are more culturally agile than others.

Strategic Development To Flawless Execution

Michelle breaks down the steps related to strategy development all the way through to execution.

We're constantly adding new podcasts, so I encourage you to subscribe to the series on iTunes today.

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