Wells Fargo, you’re measuring the wrong things

“You’re measuring the wrong things,” is what I was thinking as I initialed a piece of paper to acknowledge being told how much my business was appreciated. My satisfaction was not being measured, I had to sign a piece of paper to verify that an associate had told me that my business is valued.

I received this while being told that through an error in the Wells Fargo system, I had been erroneously charged several hundred dollars in fees, and could I figure out how much it was then email the banking agent. I had already been at the branch for 45 minutes. This was my third visit attempting to resolve this issue.

Really, you can’t make this up.

I run a small business. Like every other business I pay my vendors so that I can focus on delivering my highest and best value. Namely providing excellent value to my customers.

Wells Fargo either is unaware of the needs of business owners or they don’t care.

As part of my 45 minutes in the branch I had been told that fees on my personal accounts had been instituted, “because of the economy.”  Wells Fargo reported record net income of $4.11 billion, yes billion, in Q4 of 2011.

Glad I could help.

Oh, and what’s your problem with the economy?

I ended personally funding of the Wells Fargo subsidy program by canceling my personal accounts. I did this while looking out the Wells Fargo window at the Chase branch across the street.

Taxpayers rescued the big banks, and our thank you is a complete absence concern about customer satisfaction. That’s what Wells Fargo should be measuring. And measure it through customer retention, not initials on a piece of paper.

Instead of displaying an actual interest in my business, as I was walking out the door the agent asked if I couldn’t just check for mistaken fees more often. Fees that were completely their error. That I had attempted to have fixed three times already.


Wells Fargo, stop measuring how often your say you value my business—prove it to me.


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