Halftime 2011

Happy second half of 2011!

It’s July 1st – the start of the second half of the year, and an opportunity to take stock, pat yourself on the back and make any mid-course corrections. Some food for thought…

*What in your business and life looks different on July 1st than on January 1st?

*What do you want to acknowledge yourself for in the first half of this year? How have you been showing up beautifully, and what have you created? How about your team?

*What learning have you received that you didn’t expect on January 1st?

*What’s a stretch goal that you want to give your all toward achieving by the end of the year?

*What can you create in the remaining half of the year that would have the champagne taste a bit sweeter on New Year’s Eve?

*What are you doing that you would like to stop, slow down or change? By when?


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