Making the Highest Possible Contribution, part 2

Executives often define their highest possible contribution as a function of their role or position, for example as a business owner or CEO. Of course, one’s roles over a career are transitory. I help execs take their contribution to the next level by identifying their best possible contribution as something that is uniquely theirs as an individual, rather than a feature of their role. The result is the discovery of something that they can bring with them to any organization or role.

Contributing at the highest and best level possible is the basis of breakthrough effectiveness.

I define effectiveness as the ability to achieve high-quality results within an optimal timeframe. Effectiveness is commonly equated with speed, but if rushing leads to shoddy results, issues have to be addressed repeatedly, often in an increasingly painful and time-consuming way. We achieve better outcomes when our focus is on contributing enthusiastically at the best of our capacity.

Help your people make the distinction between what they do well, or even better than others, in order to help them contribute at their highest level possible. By effectively employing their unique talents, skills, interests and relationships you will help them find fulfillment, which makes all the difference. When we’re passionate about our engagement, our curiosity and creativity are taken to entirely new heights. When these are applied to an outlet for our unique abilities, the result is a potent combination that leads to amazing results.

One possibility is that you may find that your employees’ highest possible contribution can be best achieved in a different role. Instead of avoiding these realities, embrace them and pursue any potential realignments that will allow your organization to retain and develop outstanding contributors.

As a result, you will improve your leadership, grow your organization and enjoy the incredible fulfillment of helping others develop. The point is to be genuinely effective with your unique abilities in your lifetime. Being truly remarkable is the foundation of your legacy; it is the gift you give to yourself and to the world that you engage with.

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” – John Ruskin


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