If Larry and Sergey Can Do It You Can, Too

This afternoon, like every Friday afternoon at Google headquarters, there will be an all hands meeting. And all hands truly means everyone.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin will give updates, field no-holds-barred questions from any employee, and make sure that everyone on their team is focused in the same direction. They do this every Friday.

Leaders at most companies provide far too little transparency and hide behind ‘open door policies.’ Open doors that they venture out of far too infrequently.

Effective leadership, management and enduring charisma require active, regular engagement with everyone on your team.

What keeps you from having a weekly all hands meeting like the one at Google?
Not enough time? Nothing to say? Fear of fielding uncomfortable questions?

Don’t pacify yourself with copouts. Instead enliven your team and results.
If Larry and Sergey can do it you can, too.


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