Cultural Profit: Vastly Accelerating Bottom Line Results for High Growth Global Companies

Cultural ProfitIs your company maximizing global potential in production, supply chain, innovation and go-to-market? Do you manage a global team? Or manage people who do? Then you’re running a cultural obstacle course.Only a few leaders will turn cultural obstacles into cultural profit to transform their company and achieve breakthrough growth. Will you harness cultural profit for your organization or watch as your competition does?

Michelle Randall, President of Enriching Leadership International, is a leading expert on developing cultural agility in individuals and organizations. Her primary focus is on getting tangible results from cultural agility by integrating strategy and people to create extraordinary cultural profit.

In her new book, Cultural Profit: Vastly Accelerating Bottom Line Results for High Growth Global Companies, she teaches business leaders how to become culturally agile and how those skills can translate into more effective teamwork, rapid innovation and competitiveness in new markets.

Michelle Randall is teaching Fortune 500 executives how to boost their businesses on an international scale.
- Investor’s Business Daily

Table of Contents:

Cultural Profit: Who, What, Where, and Why?
  • Defining Culture
  • Focusing on Cultural Awareness
  • What Is Cultural Agility, and Why Is It Important?
  • Natural Agility
  • What Are the Skills of Cultural Agility?
  • What is Cultural Profit?
  • Who Needs To Buy into Cultural Profit?
How to Become a Culturally Agile Leader
  • Concept Of Advanced Leadership
  • The Importance of Being an Agile Executive
  • Which Leaders Need To Be Culturally Agile?
How to Develop a Culturally Agile Organization
  • Savvy Versus Agile Organizations
  • Recognizing If Your Company Is Culturally Agile
  • Identifying the Skills You Need To Become Culturally Agile
  • How To Craft an Agile Organization
  • Once Agile, Always Agile? Not Quite
  • Warning Signs That an Organization’s Cultural Agility Is Slipping
Turning Cultural Agility into Bottom-Line Results
  • Changing Your Mindset From Tasks To Results
  • Achieving, Measuring, and Communicating Results
  • Does Cultural Profit Affect Top- or Bottom-Line Results?
  • Short- and Long-Term Investments With Cultural Profit
  • Intangible Benefits of ROI to Consider
Wrapping Up
Case Study – Groupon in China

Download a complementary copy the book (2MB PDF).

Download a complementary audio copy of the book (59MB).