Here’s a sampling of what Michelle’s clients have to say about their experience working with her.

Enriching Leadership International is committed to providing confidential coaching services. In some cases, the names of references are available upon request.

Thank you for visiting FMDiSC (FileMaker Developer in Southern California) last week, and giving your presentation “Transforming Client Relationships”. As I’m sure you could tell from the many questions that were asked during your talk, there was a great deal of interest in the ideas you presented. And based on conversations I’ve had with colleagues since your visit, I know that people are continuing to think about and discuss them. There is no question in my mind that your visit was very valulable for our group, and we hope we’ll have the opportunity for another visit in the future.
Jonathan Reff
FMDiSC Advisory Board

Thanks very much, Michelle. Coaching has been excellent and valuable, and will last much longer than the months we have been working together. You have been an inspiration.
Mark Forward, Executive Director,
Young Presidents’ Organization

With a fast and furious job and life and a new role as House Majority Leader, there were plenty of bigger and day-to-day issues I struggled with which made sense for coaching. Through coaching, I feel less stressed out, more in control, and less responsible to keep up with everything. It has also made me generally more conscious of what I decide to do with my time, the requests that are made of me and the quality of life I want.
Hannah Pingree,
Speaker of the House of Representatives, Maine

Michelle provides unique insights, intellectual capital, and growth techniques that aren’t to be found elsewhere or in so coherent a fashion.
Alan Weiss, Million Dollar Consulting

I was having trouble communicating with certain high-ranking individuals within the company. As a result of coaching, I am much better at communicating and have even been complimented on my improvement. I’ve also become more tolerant of others’ management styles and am more accepting of things I can’t control. I now feel more relaxed and comfortable in the workplace – with more energy and able to make better choices. I’d say it was a success.
Duane Phares, Vice President, Anderson Drilling

Michelle is extremely creative, positive, dynamic and results oriented. Without Michelle, my first business would not have launched. From building confidence to sales and marketing processes, Michelle has both the business and coaching experience to get you going. We still keep in contact and every time I speak with Michelle, I feel positive and ready to take on the world. I can not thank Michelle enough and highly recommend her to anyone seriously interested in creating positive change, growth and balance in your personal and professional life.
Dave Fent, Business owner

Your insights on culture and your 360 independent feedback is invaluable. You reinforce decisions I may be hesitant about. You’re refreshing, and support me in being more confident. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Vice President and change agent at Fortune 500 company

Michelle is an incredibly gifted coach who believed in me and truly understood that all my answers to life’s challenges come from within. She was an asset in my career as well as my personal life. Michelle also worked with me to create a leadership program for my organization that was tailored to our needs. The program was a tremendous success and well received by all the participants. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Chuck Vannoy, Regional President, Fortune 500 Company

I started working with Michelle hoping to improve my effectiveness in the organization. Now my managers respect my time better, there’s less out lashing of emotion and I’m calmer. It was great having an outside independent party who’s not politically charged to help and provide great ideas. Michelle always brought me around to another way of looking at things. I’m now getting a lot more street cred in the field. I can and will spend more time developing the relationships I need to improve to succeed.
CFO of Global 500 company

Michelle is a sensitive, dynamic, forward thinking leader who is able to engage individuals at critical stages in their development and help to open doors.
Rick Moy, President, NSS Labs

I’m more focused on what I should be looking to get out of my work life so its not only about the organization, but also what I’m getting out of it my investment of myself in it – I’ve never focused on that before. You’ve got me actively asking the questions: what skills & lessons learning? What do I want to be when I grow up? And the big one how do I go about getting what I want?
Executive Director of national political organization

Michelle is an outstanding professional coach. Her methods to point you in the right direction are so practical and understandable. She makes the complex doable not through difficult analysis, but through simple, step by step guidelines. I highly recommend Michelle for those looking for a professional coach.
Director at Kaiser Permanente

At the onset of this journey, I didn’t understand the depth, or the results that would transpire. It has transformed my life. If everyone had such a supportive coach in life, I can only imagine how much better our lives and world would be.
Carolyn Wallace, IBM

I have improved my health, lost 25 pounds, and beginning to implement a film documentary on the small business climate in the SF Bay Area – a dream in the making for over 5 years.

Thank you again for speaking to my inner resources that had been dampened by overwhelm and stress. Your thoughtful intervention helped to reshape my boundaries of what I expected out of my life: your generous assistance was invaluable and a real boost.
Elizabeth P

My coaching has been a life-changing experience for me. Michelle asks difficult questions. She is fully present. She celebrates my successes and continuously challenges me to keep striving to reach the goals I set for myself. Michelle has always been full of integrity, humor, trust and compassion. I would recommend her as a coach to anyone willing to work very hard and see life-changing results. She has greatly influenced my life.
Thayer Tomlinson, Program Manager, Energy & Security Group

Michelle’s enthusiasm is infectious – she has an ability to get herself and those around her energized and working toward a goal quickly.
Anton Anderson, President, Proconsult

When leading a team, Michelle listens and collaborates while assuring that everyone moves down the track toward the desired outcome. Michelle gets things done with grace. And, she applies those same qualities to helping her coaching clients reach their goals.
Betsy Pickren, President, Facilitated Learning

Michelle is an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker who sees all facets of a situation in such a way as to be able to work with clients in a powerfully deep and meaningful way. Her talent in pinpointing areas of focus enables clients to evolve and grow exponentially. If you have a chance to work with Michelle grab it in a heartbeat!
Donna Karlin,
Creator of The School of Shadow Coaching and contributor to Fast Company

Michelle’s webinar on cultural agility provided our international training organization
with a fresh perspective on communicating in the global business environment. With
colleagues and clients spread across the world, her expertise provided us with valuable
insights as we build and sustain relationships that cross borders and cultures.
Kathy Tarkowski
Regional Trainer Manager
Mandel Communications