Intentional Benefits That Are Not Quantitative

Michelle shares that there are going to be plenty of intangible benefits that are not necessarily quantitative regarding cultural profit and agility.


What Is The Culture Of My Book “Creating Results With Cultural Profit”

Michelle explains how international cultures are found here at home too.


How Are Results Measured And Communicated?

Michelle shares how important it is to measure the results that you are benefiting from the development of cultural agility.


What Leaders Do To Maintain, Strengthen, or Lose Agility

Michelle explains how maintaining a good level of cultural agility is an ongoing process.


If Larry and Sergey Can Do It You Can, Too

This afternoon, like every Friday afternoon at Google headquarters, there will be an all hands meeting. And all hands truly means everyone.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin will give updates, field no-holds-barred questions from any employee, and make sure that everyone on their team is focused in the same direction. They do this every Friday.

Leaders at most companies provide far too little transparency and hide behind ‘open door policies.’ Open doors that they venture out of far too infrequently.

Effective leadership, management and enduring charisma require active, regular engagement with everyone on your team.

What keeps you from having a weekly all hands meeting like the one at Google?
Not enough time? Nothing to say? Fear of fielding uncomfortable questions?

Don’t pacify yourself with copouts. Instead enliven your team and results.
If Larry and Sergey can do it you can, too.


Which Leaders Need To Be Culturally Agile And Which Ones Don’t

Michelle Randall gives you four questions to ask yourself when determining if you need to be culturally agile.



The Need For Cultural Awareness And How To Do So

Michelle explains why the need for cultural awareness and how to achieve it.


Skills Organizations Need To Achieve Cultural Agility

Michelle shares three ways that companies and individuals can acquire the skills to become culturally agile.



Boeing Gets Nailed

Boeing has had to come clean about it’s poor battery testing practices. It seems they were using the same protocols that are used for cell phone batteries on batteries critical to the successful operation of one of the world’s most sophisticated flying machines.

They did the ‘nail test,’ driving a nail into the battery and seeing if it would catch on fire, because the battery was so advanced they didn’t have a test advanced enough to get proximate data.

The flaming failure of the batteries has cost Boeing’s customers millions in scrambled schedules when the entire fleet was grounded. The financial impact on Boeing is nowhere close to fruition, and it may spell disaster for the company.

How about your company? Are you using a ‘nail test’ when something far more accurate is required, because that’s the best tool you know to use?

If so, it may be time to add to your toolbox, or to invest in fire extinguishers.


How To Recognize If Your Organization Is Indeed Agile

Michelle shares an example of how to recognize if your organization is agile.