Boeing Gets Nailed

Boeing has had to come clean about it’s poor battery testing practices. It seems they were using the same protocols that are used for cell phone batteries on batteries critical to the successful operation of one of the world’s most sophisticated flying machines.

They did the ‘nail test,’ driving a nail into the battery and seeing if it would catch on fire, because the battery was so advanced they didn’t have a test advanced enough to get proximate data.

The flaming failure of the batteries has cost Boeing’s customers millions in scrambled schedules when the entire fleet was grounded. The financial impact on Boeing is nowhere close to fruition, and it may spell disaster for the company.

How about your company? Are you using a ‘nail test’ when something far more accurate is required, because that’s the best tool you know to use?

If so, it may be time to add to your toolbox, or to invest in fire extinguishers.


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Becoming a Thought Leader

I have spent the last two years developing my recognition as a thought leader and have helped my Fortune 500 clients to do the same.

Here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

1.  Being a thought leader creates not only recognition, but also distance. Current and potential employers may feel that a thought leader is “too busy” or “in a different league” than they are, or even want an employee to be. So consider if it’s the right move for your career.

2.  To become a thought leader, don’t just think. You have to constantly write and speak to get yourself ‘out there.’ One published article or speech does not a thought leader make.

3.  I help my clients to really consider what they want to be known for long term. It’s great to write on current topics, however as an example, if an HR professional writes solely on one, hip aspect of HR then they could find themselves branded by a passing fad. Be broad and strategic.

Becoming a thought leader can radically improve the trajectory of your career and business. The key is to develop your reputation as the obvious go-to person when people are seeking expertise in your area of leadership.


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