Leadership isn’t in a book


There are hundreds of books, coaching, seminars, and consultings on creating high performance team, culture change, and continuous improvement. Why do companies still fail or have not done any of these yet?

The volume of books and trainings indicate the tremendous need. However, no amount of reading and listening will create needed change.

Only courageous leadership will.

Leaders must exhibit determination, resourcefulness and grit to effect change in the face of organizational inertia. Few do.

These characteristics can be found in a person’s core, not in the pages of a book.


Are Your Executing for Innovation?

Innovation is so essential to a company’s growth and development that it can’t be left to chance. It needs to be planned for.

Yes, there are times when creativity and innovation result from pressure situations, necessity being the mother of invention, but if everyone’s running around putting out fires all the time, they’re not really in the right space to create and innovate in a productive, systematic way.

If you want to establish a work environment that encourages a flow of innovative ideas, you need to make sure you have a healthy, thriving organization that has the space to create.

Only creativity that is executed on becomes innovation. Before that, it’s just a good idea. This means you need to build execution into every aspect of the strategy process, from the original idea right through to its realization. The people on your team must be accountable to this, too, as they are considered part of the strategy.

Thinking about your own organization, then, are you executing for innovation?