Why do you invest in yourself?

Why do you invest in yourself?

To become qualified for better and bigger opportunities, and to be more successful in those roles — right?

I’m reflecting on this because today I was interviewed for a feature in my graduate school’s quarterly alumni publication. One of the questions they asked me was,

“What helped you the most throughout your career coaching senior leaders, and being a decision-maker yourself?”

My answer was that in the school’s multinational MBA program, I learned how to get results from international teams — a skill I’ve continued to study, refine, and systematize, culminating in my recent book, Cultural Profit.

I see so many leaders hopping onto airplanes and learning how to conduct business across cultural borders as “on the job” training. Sadly, the results are usually sub-optimal, as with any learning process. It’s costly for both the business and the individual leader. The ROI would be much higher if only proper investment of time and/or money were being made in the necessary training for global leadership mastery.

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Survey for Top Executives Launched by Summit Global Consulting Network

The Summit Global Network®, a worldwide consortium of top boutique consulting firms, has launched a brief survey open to CEOs and executives running profit centers in excess of $250,000,000 US annually. It is also open to executive directors of non-profits with at least $100,000,000 US in operating budgets.

The purpose is to test growth expectations and plans over the near future, including areas such as sales, marketing, inventory, market growth, and so forth. The survey is anonymous, but the results will be shared with those who participate. The survey access dates are Aug. 15 to Sept. 15, and the landing page is here: http://www.summitglobalnetwork.com/global-resources/survey/

Enriching Leadership International is a founding member of the Summit Global Network. Further information about Summit Global Network and its members can be found here: http://www.summitglobalnetwork.com

Results of the survey will be sent in detail to participating individuals by Oct. 1 and Summit Global will publish insights and patterns from the survey over the ensuing 90 days.


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