New Global Consulting Group Provides Dramatic and Diverse Capabilities

We’ve increased our worldwide reach! Michelle was invited to join a group of outstanding consultants worldwide. Read more in the following press release….

A new network of outstanding global consulting practices, Summit Global Network™ (SGN), is providing outstanding results to hundreds of clients in dozens of countries. Founder Alan Weiss, PhD notes, “We’ve formed a coalition of longstanding, highly respected consulting firms with offices in over a dozen countries to bring the best practices of the entire body to bear on the individual client needs of any one member.”

Qualifications for membership include work with outstanding organizations willing to provide testimonials and endorsements; unique intellectual property and thought leadership; global applicability of approaches; and innovative, growth-oriented strategies. The average tenure of the 22 member firms is 18.5 years in business; over 90 books have been written by the principals and published; over 1,500 clients have been helped, including a range from Fortune 25 to small businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofits.

Members include:
ACM Consulting, Inc. Canada
Alba Consulting Ireland
Ascendant Consulting US
Aviv Consulting US
Beavis Consulting Group Australia
Brighton Leadership Group US
Cultural Synergies Australia
Engage Selling Solutions Canada
Enriching Leadership International US, China, Germany
Evidence Based Management UK
Libby Wagner & Associates US
M.B. Brandt Associates China
Morgan Cross Consulting UK
Opus Performance UK
Purcell Enerprises Canada
Roundtable Consulting Australia
Sensei International US, UK, Bangladesh, Dubai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia
Symco & Co. Canada
The All Access Group US
The Chad Barr Group US
Visionary Leadership US
Wintrip Consulting Group US

The group’s capabilities include strategy, leadership, communications, change management, ethics, safety, cultural change, performance improvement, sales, marketing, organizational development, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, training, finance, technology, psychology and counseling, coaching, accounting, and international business expansion, among other skills.

The network comprises scores of PhDs, MBAs, and university guest lecturers.

Awards include:
- Consulting Magazine Top 25 Consultants in the World
- Excellence Magazine Top 30 Leadership Development Firms Globally
- Young President’s Organization “All Star” (highest honor)
- Lifetime Achievement Award, American Press Association
- National Speakers Association Hall of Fame
- Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants
- Best Book Award winner.
- Board of Governors, Grammy Awards.
- Mentor Hall of Fame.
- Web Marketing Association Web Award.

“We believe we’re the only global, growing network of its kind,” says Weiss, “representing the best of consulting expertise gathered from pragmatic work with some of the largest and best organizations in the world in all economies.”

Links to all members and their specialties can be found at


一个全新的出色的全球化咨询组织—Summit Global Network™(SGN),为很多国家的大量客户带来了令人瞩目的成果。创始人Alan Weiss博士通知各位说“我们建立了一个同盟,该同盟是一支长期存在的,倍受尊敬的咨询行业联盟。我们在十几个国家设有公司,为我们的任何一个联盟成员的客户提供最好的服务,满足客户的需求,并使我们的服务水平保持全球一致的高水平”。

会员资格要求会员在有名的单位或机构工作,并愿意出具相关的证明,具备特有的专业知识,有着能够深思熟虑的领导能力,能拿出可供全球范围使用的整体解决方案,善于创新,能制定以增长为导向的策略。20个分公司在该行业的平均从业年数为18.5年, 各公司的负责人一共著作并出版了90多本书, 1500多家客户从我们的服务中获益, 这些客户中有的是世界前25强企业,也有的是小的政府商务机构和非营利组织。

Evidence Based Management 英国
ACM Consulting, Inc. 加拿大
Aviv Consulting 美国
Purcell Enterprises 加拿大
The Chad Barr Group 美国
Ascendant Consulting 美国
Brighton Leadership Group 美国
Beavis Consulting Group 澳大利亚
Roundtable Consulting 澳大利亚
Alba Consulting 美国
Libby Wagner & Associates 美国
M.B. Brandt Associates 中国
Opus Psychology 英国
Symco & Co. 加拿大
Engage Selling Solutions 美国
加拿大, 美国
Visionary Leadership 美国
Morgan Cross Consulting 英国
Cultural Synergies 澳大利亚
Enriching Leadership International 美国,中国
Summit Consulting Group, Inc. 美国
Sensei International 美国,英国,迪拜, 新加坡, 斯里兰卡, 澳大利亚, 巴基斯坦,孟加拉国

该集团的业务领域包括策划, 领导, 沟通,管理更新, 道德规范, 安全, 文化改变, 业绩改进, 销售, 市场, 组织发展, 公司的重组, 合并, 收购,培训, 财务, 技术, 心理辅导, 咨询服务, 指导, 财务, 国际业务扩展,以及其它技术。


- 咨询杂志评出的全球顾问25强
- 优秀杂志评出的全球领导能力发展公司30强
- 年轻企业家组织评出的“全明星”(最高荣誉)
- 人生成就奖,美国媒体联盟
- 列入国家演说联盟的名人纪念馆
- 管理咨询研究所的成员
- 最佳出版物奖
- 联邦储备委员会,年度奖
- 列入顾问名人纪念馆
- 网络市场联盟的网络奖

Weiss 说:“我相信,我们在这个行业是唯一的在全球范围内不断成长的公司,我们为世界各种经济体中存在的很多出名的公司机构提供服务,在务实的工作中,我们代表了最高的咨询服务水平。”




Michelle Randall Addresses AMCHAM China on Results-Driven Strategy

Michelle Randall, president of the global management consultancy firm Enriching Leadership International, recently addressed the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China on How to Integrate Strategy and People for High-Stakes Growth.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2011 — Michelle Randall, president of the global management consultancy firm Enriching Leadership International, recently addressed the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China.
Speaking to a group that included senior officers at leading companies and organizations headquartered in Beijing, her topic was How to Integrate Strategy and People for High-Stakes Growth.

Ms. Randall discussed the importance of developing a results-driven strategy centered on clearly defined goals instead of believing what she sees as the mistaken yet pervasive notion that strategy drives results. She emphasized the importance of incorporating execution and accountability into every aspect of strategy development to make implementation more effective.

Ms. Randall also spoke about how companies can profit from seeking outside help for strategy development. “Having an outsider lead the process avoids the dangers of the CEO stifling the diversity of approaches, whether it’s done intentionally or not,” she said. Other benefits discussed included an outsider’s ability to broach taboo topics normally ignored by an organization and the best practices and intellectual property they can bring to the table.
She warned that companies should not shy away from strategy development for cost reasons, stating that the biggest investment any company will make is with time. “With a results-driven strategy process, business leaders can expect a ten times return on their investment,” she said.

Ms. Randall stressed the importance of building a well-balanced team and promoting employees with both skills and spirit to management positions, noting that, “The potential of any company expands directly with the development of its people.”
One staffer who attended said, “The presentation was lively and interactive, with attendees asking questions and engaging in a dialogue with Ms. Randall about their own experiences and challenges they have come up against in their work environment.”
Questions from attendees included how to best keep a company’s vision top of mind and how to push staff to help drive the company forward instead of just going through the motions.

Enriching Leadership International works to accelerate the growth of global organizations. The firm’s clients include top leaders and their teams at Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Quest and NetApp, members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and notable mid-tier businesses.


How the Walkman Caused the S&P Downgrade

Here’s my newest article for Fast Company. Check it out and whether you agree or don’t, please share your thoughts by commenting.

I was walking across my university campus 20 years ago when it hit me. My bulky Walkman was piping my favorite tunes through muff-like headphones when I noticed just how many other students were also plugged into their own music. We were ensconced in our own customized micro-environments with no need to interact with any sounds we hadn’t selected for ourselves, or even with each other.
At that moment, I was filled with dread for a likely future when we would become alienated from each other by our personalized, parallel realities. Fast-forward tro today’s era of mass customization. More far-reaching than entertainment, the Internet delivers news to us that is automatically filtered for our individual preferences. As a result, we never need bump into a viewpoint that opposes our own.

I currently live in Northern California and travel regularly to the Southeast U.S. As I listened to conversations in each region during the recent debt-ceiling debacle, both the differences in opinion and similarities in attitude were jarring. Whether it was the doomed “Reid-Pelosi-Obama economy” or an unwavering devotion to Keynsian economics, everyone at the respective tables was in such vehement agreement that the other viewpoint was completely incomprehensible. The result across the board was the wholesale dismissal of the people holding the differing opinions as uninformed, stupid, or just plain nuts.

The United States has become fairly accustomed to this dismal state of affairs over the past two decades. We bemoan the viciousness and voracity of divisive politics, but we’ve lived with it because the ramifications have been mainly private. Then comes Standard & Poor’s to pop our own personal bubbles and deliver stinging payback for our political dysfunction….
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Success Magazine Features Michelle’s Advice for American Comebacks

Success Magazine has a current section on American Comebacks. The section includes inspiring comeback stories and my tips on how to make it happen.

Tips for a Comeback

Don’t go it alone.
When things are toughest, many business leaders isolate themselves. That’s precisely the wrong response, since it’s nearly impossible to be creative in a vacuum, says executive coach Michelle Randall. Talk with coaches, mentors and members of your team. “When things do turn around, the leaders who do this have created a more trusted team than ever before,” says Randall, the principal of Enriching Leadership International, a global management consultancy.

Turn vendors into allies.
Ask for more generous terms and programs while always positioning them as being in the vendors’ best interest—because they are.

Get focused.
“People I’ve seen stage successful comebacks were completely focused on the desired outcome. As a result,” Randall says, “they sought any course of action that would get them there.”
Be flexible. “My clients who have pulled off the most successful comebacks have been relentless in their belief that they could do it. As a result they were flexible in finding opportunities and marshaled the people around them to create extraordinary results.”

Don’t wallow in self-pity.
“People I’ve seen be less successful got mired down in why-me thinking. That victim mentality wasted time and energy and made them overly apologetic with vendors, customers and employees instead of acting like peers.”

Remember, Randall says: “Every real business has been through plenty of crises. It’s what they do when that happens that defines them.”

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The Best Of The Best Do These Three Things. Do You?

Ever wonder what it takes to truly become the best of the best? For 100 years?
If you’re going to be the best, commit to it–not once a year during strategy formulation or an annual event, but everyday in your culture, hiring and financial decisions.

IBM is a global leader that has soared to great heights and grappled with doomed prospects. As the company celebrated the rare feat of 100 years in business, it may be the strongest it has ever been.

The following are three things that every company can learn from IBM to contribute to their own success.

  • Create a Freak Show
  • Cultivate Frustration
  • Commit and recommit and recommit

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Michelle’s talk to AmCham China

AmCham-China welcomed Michelle to discuss how to integrate strategy and people for high stakes business growth. Michelle emphasized the importance of a results-driven strategy versus strategy-driving results and discussed how strategy adjustments can affect a company. She then highlighted that companies profit from seeking outside help regarding strategy as they can bring fresh thoughts and opinions into the arena.

Do you have the vision and the people to drive your organization to the next stage of growth?

Michelle emphasized the following key points in her presentation:

  • A results-driven strategy classifies goals and execution as one in the same.
  • Integrate strategy and people to accelerate results and grow potential.
  • Remember that strategy does not execute itself, people do.
  • Investment in the process of integrating strategy will lead to extraordinary returns.

Read AmCham’s article about Michelle’s talk.