Staring at a hedge

We arrived at the Grand Wailea hotel in Maui today, a beautiful property that’s part of the Waldorf Astoria.

After swimming in the ocean and baking on the beach, my husband and I decided we would like to lounge and enjoy a cocktail. To provide some context, the beach for the hotel is public and a public walkway winds between the beach and the resort property.

In order to get access to the service staff we moved to a couple of lounge chairs inside the property. The only problem was that from our new vantage point, about 30 feet from the beach, we were looking directly into a hedge that was separating the public walkway from the property.

This resort exists because of its proximity to the beach, however in an attempt to maintain exclusivity, the connection to its reason for being here was gravely undermined.

The same thing can happen to any business. Just that morning my husband had asked me if it wasn’t dangerous for me to post my presentations on SlideShare and LinkedIn. Wouldn’t it be better to protect my ideas from competitors who might steal them, he asked.

He makes a valid point. However, it’s through sharing my ideas and IP that I can provide value and build exciting business relationships. If I held onto them with a white-knuckle grip I’d be caught behind my own hedge.

Consider this for yourself and your own business. Are there ways that you’re protecting your business that are actually undermining what’s special about it and making it blind to the outside world?


Cultural Agility Teleseminar June 1

Cultural Agility is the set of skills to compellingly communicate and lead across cultures, around the globe and at home. In Tuesday’s teleseminar, we will explore and apply these skills to build mastery right away.

According to the American Management Association, “Senior management is more than ever expected to improve performance globally and to do so with greater consistency and effectiveness. This means that up-and-coming leaders require a broader skill set than in the past. Top leaders need to think and act globally.”

The teleseminar is on June 1. If you can’t make the call, I will send you the recording IF you let me know you’re interested by registering.

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Are you curious about China?

In two weeks, my family and I leave for a month in China. I’ve been invited to speak at several business schools to teach business leaders there how to integrate strategy and people for extraordinary results. I’ll also be grasping the opportunity to interview executives for my upcoming book, Cultural Profit.

Here is some interesting China information to whet your curiosity…

Do you wonder how China’s enduring rise will affect your business and career?
When I first glanced at this graph, I expected that the US was the huge and growing economy on the left-hand side. It usually is.

When I looked more closely, the US was in the number two spot and completely dwarfed by China on the left. If you plan on being in the work force in the coming decades, prepare for a new reality.

Do you know that China is even more diverse than the United States?
There are seven major religions, 12 languages and 55 recognized ethnic minorities. This is all in a country with one time zone, although it spans the area of eight time zones.

I’m curious about what questions you have about China. Please send them to me at or post comments on the blog, and I will answer
them with on-the-ground observations instead of dry statistics.


Consider Your Personal Best Practices

During a recent visit to Newport, Rhode Island, I’m wrote this in the early morning while looking out at the sailboats in the bay. Later that day, I met with colleagues from Europe, South Africa, Canada and across the US to explore and further the best practices in consulting for our clients’ benefit.

Take a moment to consider your personal best practices. What are you great at? How are you a role model?

Focusing on your own best practices is an endless source of clarity and inspiration. Take that a step further to benefit others by sharing and teaching your best practices even more than you have in the past. The results in your team and the people around you can be phenomenal and deeply fulfilling for yourself.

It’s much like caring for a garden. The focus and intention you put in now reaps tremendous benefit when the fall comes.

Rooting for your success!