Anger Rocks

I believe in anger. Anger is raw and incredibly powerful when harnessed. No doubt that an overabundance or unexpressed anger is toxic. However, it’s our greatest ally when we listen to it to know when others are out of line, when clients are not a good fit, or when a situation is clearly wrong.

Too often clients describe situations that are clearly not right and brush it off as being ok. My job is to feel the anger that my client may be smothering and bring it to life so they can objectively look at a bad situation and take action.

When you smother your anger instead of harnessing it what are you giving up?


Are You Surrounding Yourself With Fools? (You Should Be.)

By FC Expert Blogger Michelle Randall:

Not having broadcast TV, my husband and I just discovered The Tudors.

Beyond the fun of religion, sex, and beheadings; at its heart, the series is a fascinating depiction of how a young Henry VIII transforms into an infamous tyrant, to whom no one who dares speak the truth or else find themselves on the chopping block–quite literally.

There is only one exception, Henry’s Fool, Will Sommers, who speaks the truth that no one else dares, with equal parts searing wit and jaw-dropping directness. He could do this because absolute monarchs grated relative immunity only to their court jesters. Thinking about my own role as an executive coach, I realized that I am indeed a Fool. Continue reading